I am an undergraduate student of Astronomy from Long Island, New York. I am also an amateur photographer. A journey is neither the beginning, nor the end. I do not know where I will end up. I will do my best to keep the path as interesting as possible. I enjoy to challenge myself physically, and mentally. In 2016 I embarked on a cycle tour across America, starting in Seaside, Oregon. It was through this trip that I furthered my desire to explore. Unfortunately, I suffered a broken vertebrate while in Boulder, Colorado. This cut my journey from 3500 miles down to the 1996 that I had completed. I am currently healing and working towards more projects while in school full time. This website will be the chronicle of my interests & endeavors. Included will be my exploration of the sky, the mountains, abandoned relics of our tainted past, science, and my own mind. Enjoy, and feel free to contact me regarding my work or otherwise.


Thanks for reading, Jonathan Presto

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