Change of Direction

This will from now on be the center of all things Circa Orion & Terra Crystals. Circa Orion will be an accumulation of Photographs, Music, Science, Art, and anything else that comes this way. There will be no bounds on what could be posted or advocated through Circa Orion. Six years ago, I took an old Dslr that was lying around my house over to the property that the old motocross track used to be on. I saw the Orion constellation in the sky, and had to try to capture it. I had never used a Dslr before, but had a basic understanding that everything had to do with a transfer of light. On that night I was quickly able to figure out how to capture the stars within an image and I was immediately hooked. Orion was the beginning, hence the name Circa Orion. Terra Crystals will also be moved here, within the Shop area. There will be no more selling through Instagram, only photographs directing those interested to the Shop area of this website. For sale in the shop will be some of the hundreds of minerals I have, along with custom aluminum prints of all shapes and sizes. Bear with me as I fill these sites to the absolute brim, as I have tons of content already, and tons of content in mind. A link to my (half) trans-American trip blog will be added shortly for those who would be interested in that time of my life and to see what I am all about. I’m looking forward to using new tools and techniques to push life in every way possible!

I hope you enjoy the ride. – Jon